These vacuum brazed diamond grinding discs are the best for fast stock removal, as the diamonds are exposed and brazed coated. Concrete countertop fabricators use these discs to efficiently expose aggregates. They are also widely used for removing coating on concrete floors.
1.Velcro backed for quick and easy change with back holders
2.Wet use preferred to extend life.

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  Floor removal is among the first steps in preparing the floor for grinding. Murat recommends these 3 and 4 inch high performance vacuum-brazed pads for grinding lippage, floor leveling and thin coating removal. Brazed bond tools are usually very aggressive as the diamonds open quicker than in sintered bond tools. They achieve excellent results on concrete, natural and engineered stone surfaces. Wet application is preferable. For tougher cases of lippage removal and initial floor preparation, we recommend the metal bond discs.

  The vacuum brazed diamond grinding pads combine the aggressiveness of vacuum brazed diamond cup wheels and smoothness of diamond polishing pads. Attached to a semi rigid back holder, the rubber backer absorbs the noise and vibration created by steel based diamond cup wheels to give fabricators the smoothest feel, while aggressively shaping and removing material. They are ideal for creating a small radius by hand, smoothing out cuts, and removing materials where necessary. Many fabricators use it to replace the heavy grinding stones. They last many times longer than grinding stones and reduce fatigue. Use it before you use the diamond polishing pads. 


  1. brazed pads are recommended for lippage grinding, floor leveling, as well as thin coating removal

  2. Perform excellently on concrete, natural, and engineered stone

  3. Designed for wet applications only

  4. Offered in 3 and 4 inch sizes; velcro-backed

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