Wet Diamond Polishing Pads Set For Tiles Polishing

1.Murat wet diamond polishing pads series , 4 inch diamond impregnated resin bonded pads designed for wet tiles polishing, wet marble polishing, wet travertine terrazzo polishing, wet granite polishing
2.Set of 7 wet diamond polishing pads, 1 piece each for grit 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000.

Product Details

Product description

  1. Murat 4" diamond polishing Pads 7 Pcs set is a great value, professional grade starter pad for tiles polishing, granite polishing, marble polishing.

  2. Tiles Marble Granite Polishing

  3. It has outstanding finish on Tiles countertop flat surface, contoured surface, edge polishing, Tiles floor polishing.

  4. It has excellent finish on marble flat surface, edges, floor polishing. It works equally well on softer stone, Travertine Terrazzo and glass polishing.

  5. It has very good result on Granite Edge Polishing, quartz edge. For Granite Quartz, other hard stone flat surface polishing get Murat Series other Wet pad.

Versatality & Coverage

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Tools to Use

Stone Wet Polisher,Rubber Backing Pads are recommended. It can also be use with other polishers.

Value for Money

The pad is priced very competitive, is a huge money saver offering high quality shine on tiles polishing, stone polishing with professional finish.