10 Inches 250mm Concrete Floor Grinding Segment

This kind of diamonds are designed for Husqvarna redi-lock system plate. used for thin mil coating removal, mastic removal, and for the first steps in polishing. We offer these diamonds in two bars, also can do single bar segment , rounds or arrow segments etc.

Product Details

Bond: super soft, soft, medium, hard, super hard 
Hard concrete requires softer bond to prevent glazing and to allow new diamonds to get easily exposed for maximum grinding.
Soft concrete requires harder bond, so it can last longer (soft bond also works but it will wear out too fast on soft concrete).
Grit: 6#, 10#, 16/20#, 30#-200#, 350/400#
For example, if you start with 30 grit, the next grit is 50 or 70, then 100 or 120, 200 or 220, 400, 800, etc.
With full experience, SUNNY will provide you suitable bond.