MURAT Dry Diamond Polishing Pads Premium Matte Grinding Pads For Concrete Marble Granite

SIZE AND GRIT:The 4inch(100mm) diamond polishing pad.Diamond polishing pads set are entire set with grit 50#,100#,200#,400#,800#,1500#,3000#. GOOD FOR POLISH STONE:Do a great job for polishing the stone by dry and never mark or burn the surface of the stone. VELCRO BACKED PREVENT SEPARATION:Can last for a long time and the Velcro backed prevent separation from the machine HIGH EFFICIENCY AND GLOSS: Works great for polishing marble,granite,tile and other special-sharp stone. High efficiency and gloss finishes in very short time. EASY TO CONNECT AND REMOVE: The velcro backed make polishing pad easy to connect and remove from the machine.Easy for do it yourself for your housework.

Product Details

Product description


Murat Diamond Premium Resin Matte Dry Polishing Pads is made from resin with high diamond concentration inside,never use Sic as additive,with aggressive and tenaciously,better heat transmissibility performance,can be used only by dry.They are designed for different applications including marble,granite,concrete,terrazzo,porcelain and engineered stone

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Features and Benefits

Long lifespan/Never mark the stone and burns the stone/Bright clear light and never fade/High gloss finishes in very short time/Better heat transmissibility performance

Applied machine

Angle grinder or other hand machine

Package Contents

7 pieces a set.Carton box for each set

How to use

Always remember to wear protection for your eyes,nose,mouth and hands.Never use high speed grinder and exceed rated RPM.

If the stone surface is seriously damaged,you can start with grit 50 till 3000,verify the entire polished stone surface has same level of smoothness before moving to next grit.If not,continue polishing with same grit.Don’t skip any grit in between.Most of the stone will show shine starting grit 800.

It is recommended to clean the work surface before using it.Otherwise it will affect the grinding effect.

About Murat

Murat has 10 years’history.Our main products are various of specification diamond saw blades,flexible polishing pads,diamond grinding wheels,and abrasive brushes,etc.Our tools are popular among stonemasons,marble and granite fitters,concrete cutters,bricklayers etc.At present,our products are mainly exported to USA, Canada,Germany, Russia,Brazil,Australian,etc.We aim at provide best quality,suitable price and excellent service to our customer.

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