High Quality Bush Hammer Rollers With Stand

Bush hammer roller is suitable forsurface fabricating,making bush hammered effects for stone products.

Product Details
Effective for grinding natural stones to get bush hammer effect, also called litchi surface

Product details

ApplicationHigh quality Bush hammer rollers with stand
bonding agentmetal, diamond Steel, Tungsten Carbide
Typecircular Bush Hummered Roller
Effectlitchi Surface / slip resistant surface
Segment Grains45 pins in each Roller
Bonding AgentAlloy Metal, Steel Support
Inner Hole12mm
Outer Diameter55mm
item nameconcrete floor bush hammer roller
Product Keywordsbush hummer


Bush hammer roller is suitable forsurface fabricating,

making bush hammered effects for stone products.

5) It's scrollable and rotary and highly efficient, for example,

a roller of 200mm's diameter can fabricate more than 100M2

stone products per day.

6) We can sell the roller separately,and we have plenty of

styles and specifications.

Quality assurance:

1. Murat is equiped with world advanced diamond tools production lines

2. Based on advanced technology and comprehensively systematic research and analysis, we have been developing diaimond tools in different application which featured with continuous and reliable quality.

3. All these products have reached international advanced standard,used for cutting,polishing and grinding stone,concrete,asphalt,porcelain,glass and so on.

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